Mobile Phone Apps have Changed our Lives!

Mobile phone apps have changed our lives! I know that sounds extreme but when you stop and think about that statement you realize just how true it is. From mapping our destination, to weight loss assistance, and even gaming apps, there is something for everyone out there. When smartphones first came out I thought they […]

Secret Tricks that your iPhone ear bud headphones can do to make your life easier

The iPhone ear bud headphones are one of the most popular features of the ubiquitous smart phone and can be found  in the ears and around the necks of millions of people worldwide. They’re sleek, sharp looking and, while they don’t seem to be much different from your average ear buds, they actually can do […]

Sony’s got a Stunning New Smartphone and Tablet

The Mobile World Congress has just begun in Barcelona, one of the biggest exhibitions of new technology every year, and the newly announced Z2 smartphone and tablet from Sony has already wowed quite a few people at the show. While the electronics giant has certainly lost a bit of ground over the last few years, […]

Five of 2014s coolest Gadgets

Just for a little bit of fun we thought we bring you a blog today about 5 of the coolest gadgets that are either coming soon or are already here for 2014. If you like gadgets as much as we do around here, you probably have seen one or two of these already because, frankly, […]

Top 5 Apps to help with your Tax Prep

Today there is simply no excuse for handing your tax preparation expert box of unsorted receipts and documentation when it’s time to file your taxes. Brian Tankersley, tech editor for CPA Practice Advisor, says that “there’s a lot of opportunity now with consumer tools that your average taxpayer could use to get themselves more organized.” […]

Table games that are better on your pc than on your table

I’m not going to lie, I enjoy gambling. I find the thrill of risk, calculated risk, to be quite a good time. My friends and I enjoy taking an annual trip to various gambling mecca’s and cutting loose. My game of choice, typically blackjack, but I can sit down as just about any table game […]

Into Content Consumption? Check Out These Apps!

Let’s face it, there is so much content online that’s interesting, useful or just plain entertaining that trying to keep up with it all is a losing game. Keeping up with news, trends, education and important business information is vital, but tedious. The simple fact is that there’s so much excellent content being thrown onto […]

How has technology benefited sport?

  It was an excellent day for British sport on Sunday July 7th 2013, when Andy Murray ended Britain’s 77-year wait for a male Wimbledon champion. However, it should be noted that he did it with a little help from the IT industry. The tennis star made full use of the Hawk Eye computer system […]

The Top 3 Smart Phones This Winter

We are in the thick of the shopping season and many people are going to be buying new smart phones, so we decided to put together a quick blog about the Top 3 on the market right now. Enjoy. Frankly, there are so many excellent smart phones available that choosing the top three was actually […]

3 New Gadgets just in time for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner we thought we’d put together a little blog with 3 cool Gadgets that will help you to throw some excellent parties, keep your guests happy and bring in the new year with a little style. Enjoy. The Instant Party Speaker Let’s face it, a good party not only […]