How to Check Fake Facebook Accounts in your Profile

In this world Facebook is going to its heights, Mostly every body have his own Facebook account. People like to share their views and feelings on this social networking website. It is emerging as the best choice among peoples. But some peoples misuse the service of Facebook in many ways. By making Fake accounts on Facebook and send abusing matter on their profiles and talk to other good peoples and irritate them.

Here are some tips to know which Facebook accounts are fake in some easy ways. Its working for most of the people and most of my friends on Facebook.

Below you can find the tips:
First see the profile picture and the albums of the Fake account. Play with your mind to guess is this account is genuine or not.

Second check the number of friend and mutual friends of him/her. You can also add the friends of the account first and ask them about him/her.

Note: If you find some Fake friend in your Facebook account and he/she irritates you a lot, You can report abuse in Facebook and also immediately unfriend him/her.