Free Angry Anna Hazare Game Download

In the Indian Happenings Anna Hazare is the Latest Tornado who is taking over the whole world because of its most obvious reasons. Game developing company launched the game on Anna Hazare. It is mostly like famous angry bird game application and the name of this game is Angry Anna. It is being very popular by the people of the most countries especially in India.

The theme of the game is all about Angry Anna Hazare and of its all obvious angry activities. It is also called as an anti corruption game application. As in Angry birds game application, there were birds faces. Likewise in Anna Hazare game. The faces of birds are replaced by corrupt politician. This game forward above with Anna and his team waiting to aim on all different corrupt politicians. The whole game include four stages. This amazing game is developed by Noida based company. This game seems to launch with the main purpose, to support Anna Hazare to finish corruption in India.


I wish Anna Hazare and his team help India to get rid of Corruption and corrupt Peoples. Support Anna Hazare and be a Human.
To download this game application click the link below: