How to Set Video as a Desktop Background in Windows

You always set an image or flash gif in your desktop to make your desktop look good. Many users not used a video as a background image in their laptop or computer. For this there is no use of other software to do this. But you have to install VLC media player. It is very common player and it can be downloaded free from the internet.
Below are the steps to set a video as a background in your desktop:

1. Install VLC Player

2. Open VLC Player > Click tools from the preferences.

3. Click on the third button named as Video, then select direct X video output.

4. Check the box – Enable wallpaper mode and then just hit on save button.

5. Now you can open any video in the VLC PLayer and it will display as a background image of your desktop.

Note: to cancel video wallpaper, just deselect directX wallpaper in the VLC Player Options.