Useful Tips to Make Your Mac Faster

This is the common question frequently asked that how to make your computer faster specially the categories of apple iMac. Apple built these kind of high performance machines for his customers to give the full experience of real computing. But some times IMac turned into a slow computing device because of certain reasons.

Here are some few tips to maximize your iMac speed and performance:

1. Unused start-up Items must be cleared
Many application set themselves in a automated way as a start-up item. You can find the unused start-up list by clicking on the apple logo on the top of the screen. 


Then click on system preferences > Accounts > Login Items. There you find that there are many applications running. Simply click on the application you want to remove, then hit the minus button below.

2. Check and clean your hard drive
There is lot of trash stuff available in any hard drive because of the installed software and various activities. you have to clean them from your hard drive. There are many ways to clean up your hard drive. Delete the unused files from the hard drive, also delete the text files and shortcuts which are not necessary to you.

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