Facebook login problem solutions and how to get rid off

Many users find that they cannot access their accounts by feeding correct id and password in Facebook. This is a common problem who use Facebook, to use Facebook in a right way and without any problems I recommend to use Facebook according to their rules and policies. If you are new to Facebook you can face many problems because Facebook is quite complicated. many newbie find many obstacles to access their new accounts. Facebook is very strict in rules and regulation and also in privacy. You cannot miss use Facebook easily. Many users use fake id to irritate other users and make disturbance to the real users, these fake id are traced by Facebook in a regular interval of time. At that time these id a blocked permanently and the fake users cannot get access to their fake accounts.
Mainly Login problems are faced by fake users only. The real users follow all the rules of Facebook like feeding real address and phone number verification is correct. They provide full length information about theirselves. They do not upload adult photos and videos on their profiles and do not miss use of Facebook. They face Login problem less as compared to the fake users.

Another thing I recommend that do not send many requests to known users. This break the rules and privacy of Facebook. Your friend request can be blocked by Facebook if you send constant friends request to many peoples in Facebook. The block duration is about 2 days to 1 month. So be aware and follow the rules and regulation of Facebook to acess your account in a good way and for long lasting use.