How to Make Desktop Look Better

Everyone who use computer or laptop or mac wants a better look for their desktop. In my words Nice desktop add fuel to our ability to do work. Here are some tips that makes your desktop look better. I recommend to use these tips if you have Atleast 1 GB of ram or more because these tips use some memory of your system.

Apply a better light theme
You can use any cool theme for yous desktop to look great and impress your friends. You can also download a customize theme for your computer. These themes are available for download without any price. But free themes may contain Malwares or viruses. To get rid of these viruses use Firefox Mozzilla to download and make sure that your antivirus definition file is updated. I recommend you Vista Mizer theme if you are using Windows XP. And android theme if you are using Windows 7.

Use gadgets in the sidebar
If you have more than 1GB ram, you can use gadgets in the sidebar of your desktop. They make your desktop look genuine and attractive. These gadgets are much like by many peoples because these are easy to navigate and give info about your system like Time, Calender, Slideshow and System performance meter etc. You can download free gadgets for your system via internet. These are available for free download. My recommendation is to download Windows 7 genuine gadgets from official website. Do not use if you have less than 1GB of ram because these make system slow in low memory ram.

Use HD wallpapers
I always use HD wallpapers for my desktop which fits to my screen size. These king of HD wallpapers are available for free download in many sites like You also can choose your screen resolution in this site and download wallpapers which suits you better.

Experiment with desktop Icons
You can use extra desktop icons from internet. These makes you desktop attractive with nice icons. Remove shortcut arrows from icons in your desktop and arrange in sequence. Do not copy too many shortcuts in your desktop. Use icons which you require and rearrange them appropriately.

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

+Itender Rawat is editor-in-chief and owner of DigitFox. He is a Technology Enthusiast and CG Artist Loves to create 3D models and objects.

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