How to make iPhone battery backup stronger and longer to use

iPhone owners mostly tense about their battery backup. Any phone is disliked with low battery backup and performance. According reviews of most peoples iPhone is built with moderate battery backup. Most of its battery consumed by opened 3G and WiFi. People use iPhone to entertain theirselves but if there is not enough battery backup, they are not satisfied. There are some tricks to maximize battery life of iPhone.

Below you find the trisks:
Enable Notification if necessary
You can turn off Notification option if there is no requirement of this. It consumes battery power. Goto settings > Notifications and turn off the notification option.
Turn off WiFi
If you are not using WiFi signal you can turn off the WiFi option in the Settings.
On WiFi typically consume battery power and make battery backup shortage.
3G should be off
If you are not making use of 3G in your iPhone you should turn off the 3G. But if you are using 3G network then turn on 3G when it is in use.
Turn auto Brightness off
By default brightness of the phone is auto. It consume most of the battery because of backlight contrast and brightness. I recommend to set brightness manually. For this Goto Settings>Brightness>Auto Brightness and make it off and adjust manually according to requirement.
Turn Bluetooth off
Most people set Bluetooth on also in the case when it is not in use. It also consume battery because it continuously send signals in the space. I recommend to turn off your Bluetooth option if it is not in use.