Nokia NFC Mobiles with Better Connectivity

This month Nokia launch its new amazing handsets with NFC technology. All these comes with Symbian Belle. These are very affordable handsets with the unique price of Rs 13,000 – Rs 19,000. These mobiles are launched by Shahrukh Khan this month. These amazing mobiles fulfill all the latest requirements of the customers. In this category all the handsets will be able to connect faster as compared to other products which do not include NFC technology yet. 

Nokia 600, 700 and 701 comes in this category. All these handsets comes with NFC to better connectivity and mobility. These smartphones are built differently according to the requirements of the customers. In India customers are looking for the latest technology which is beyond the basics. So keeping in mind this thing Nokia launched these three smartphones in India and other countries. People always seeks for the different product and these mobiles will overcome the expectations of the people.

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

+Itender Rawat is editor-in-chief and owner of DigitFox. He is a Technology Enthusiast and CG Artist Loves to create 3D models and objects.

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