Apple iPad Wireless Charger – Air Voltage

iPad is an intelligent mobile device ever made. It include all the latest features of a smartphone and gadget. Some people do not like the wires comes with this awesome device. Today every thing is wireless. Charger comes with the iPAd was not wireless, after few month Air Voltage launched in the market which is first wireless iPad charger. It is available in the market and is compatible with iPad.

It include the concept which is used in Duracell myGrid. It charges the iPad with electromagnetic induction. It is very easy to use and set. You have to put your iPad on the base on the charge and feel free. You can use your iPad while charging, it is easy to use your iPad when it is on the base of the charger. The output of this charger is about 10W.

Let talk about the Prices of this Air Voltage Wireless Charger –  It comes with a price around $195