How to Uninstall Quick Heal Trial Version Antivirus Completely

Its a common problem faced by people who use tiral version of Quick heal Antivirus in their systems. After 30 days of use you cannot install trail version of this Antivirus properly, it could not work because your registry is not cleaned. To use this Antivirus again, you have to clean your registry where the previous installed file of the antivirus exist. 

For this you can follow simple steps given below:
– Go to Registry Editor and type “regedit” and press enter or you can goto Run and “regedit” and press ok.

– Then HKEY_USERS > .DEFAULT > Software > Quick Heal 

You will see the key of the installed antivirus, just delete it.

– HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-18> Software > Quick Heal 

You will again see  the key of the installed antivirus, just delete it again. 
You have done! Now you can install Quick Heal Trial Version again and again. You can use this free trial version of antivirus every month. Enjoy!

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

+Itender Rawat is editor-in-chief and owner of DigitFox. He is a Technology Enthusiast and CG Artist Loves to create 3D models and objects.

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