Top 3 Games on Facebook to Play with Friends

In these times Facebook is one of the first choice of people on Internet. Facebook is the most popular social networking site which connect your friends, family and relatives together at a same point. Most people love to play game on this website. Below you can see Top most games available on Facebook to play with friends.

The SIMS Social

Its a very popular game and likes by many peoples around the world. This game consist of many features like customization of characters and decoration of your home etc. You can easily pass your time if you get bored in your office and when you are alone at home. Its a most amazing game which is currently available on Facebook.

Angry Birds

This game is available in all platforms, especially it is famous among Facebook users. I recommend this game when you search any game on Facebook. Good feature in this game is you can easily play this game from your Facebook profile.

Civ World

Its a most famous game in strategy game list. In this game you have to build a city and all the things you do in this game is for happiness and productivity in the city. You can increase your wealth and win the games of cards. This game can finish your tired life. Just login to Facebook and Enjoy.