Aakash: World’s cheapest Tablet Computer launched all over India

Finally India’s Cheapest tablet computer launched. The name given to the computer is “Akash”. The word Akash means Sky in Hindi Language. The government keep the price very low as much possible. It comes in the market at a price of $35 approx.
After many years of wait, finally it launched in India. Many people surprised with the low pices of this tablest computer.

Key Features of Akash Tablet computer
– It’s an amazing tablet PC runs on Android 2.2 Fryo and include 7 inch large touch display. It comes with 256MB RAM with 2GB memory card in which You can store your data. 
– You can also expand the memory if required. This tablet also includes two USB ports.

– 366 Mhz processor included with WiFi and 3.5mm Audio jack. 

The tablet especially built for students who cannot afford expensive portable computers like laptops and other computing devices.