How to Format Your Pen Drive using Mac

Its a common question asked by iMac users or those who are new to use iMac OS. Unlike Windows Mac OS do not support direct format options in My Computer. In this OS you have to to some different steps which are quite complicated as compared to Windows. Many iMac OS users can’t find how to erase or Format the Drives. 

Below you can find simple step by step method to Format or Erase you Drives and Removable Drives:

1. Goto Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility
You can go directly to application by clicking on the applications gadget in the Dock or you can goto the Macintosh HD in the Desktop and enter the Applications folder.

2. In the Disk Utility Window You can find all the Drives and Removable Drives connected with your system. Just select the Drive or Removable to Format or Erase.

3. Click on Erase Tab on Top then Erase button below. You have Done!

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