Download Nimbuzz for PC and Connect from Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook at a same time

Nimbuzz is very popular application among mobile users especially for those who like and dedicated to chat. Its offers amazing features like low cost calls, instant messaging and get all your contacts at a same place. You can chat with all your friends who are available in Gmail, Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Yahoo etc. It also have an amazing feature of storing numbers and contacts. It saves your all important data easily. You can make a Nimbuzz Phonebook in this with integrated phonebook saver feature.
Nimbuzz provide Calling to your contacts
You can use this application and call your friends for free with amazing audio quality. Its powered by an audio providing engine.

Low price calls on International calls
You can easily buy credits provided by Nimbuzz and can make International calls from your computer directly. It supports all the mobiles services and landlines anywhere in the world.

Share your files via Nimbuzz
Sharing is the best thing on Internet. You can share music, videos, photos and files with your friends.

Download free Nimbuzz to Your PC from here