How to Install Fonts in Mac OS using Font Agent Pro

In this Tutorial You can find how to Install Fonts in Mac OS using Font Agent Pro. Its very Unlike to Windows. In Windows you can easily install your required fonts in the C Drive. But in Mac OS its little bit different as compared to Windows and quite tricky. Below you can find easy steps to install fonts into your Mac OS.

1. Simply Just goto the Application and Find Font Agent Pro and click

2. Window of Font Agent Pro will appear in your Screen

3. Just Drag the Fonts or Folder containing your fonts into the window. You can easily drag your  fonts by clicking the fonts or font folder and without dropping it just place them into the window.

4. Select the fonts you want to install. You can also select the folder containing many fonts in it.

5. Just activate it by clicking the activate button appearing in the left side of the window. You have Done!

Note: You have to activate your fonts every time when you log in to your system. Goto the same Procedure and just click the fonts to activate and click the activate button.