How to Create Your Google Sitemap Online

Site Map for a Blog or Website is very important because it gets traffic to your site from top search engines over the world. There are many site map generators available onldine which provide free sitemap for your site. You can use these site to generate yours sitemaps. In this tutorials you will find how to create your Blog or Website Sitemap step by step. Using sitemap generator you can also check the briken links in your site. You must have to repair your links in your site. Lets find how to create the sitemap.

You can make your sitemap from the site XML-Sitemaps.comĀ 
Its easy to use and you can make fromn it easily. Just follow the steps given below to create a stemap of your site:

2. Enter your URL in the box givenĀ 

3. Fill the options if require

4. Hit start. You can see the processing in the window. Let the process finish.

You can download your sitemap in any of the format given in the page and upload it in Google or somewhere else. You can also enter your e-mail and get the sitemap in your e-mail easily.

Note: This site create sitemap of upto 500 pages.

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

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