How to Get Back Previous Facebook Chat Interface

Here I am posting an article about to get back the previous Facebook Chat Interface. Many Facebook users hate the new Chat Interface of Facebook. Even I also face many problems with this unlike Interface. It shows all the friends that you interact earlier. This fill all the list with friends, its difficult to find friends in that kind of crap. I don’t know why Facebook update to this unlike Interface for which reasons. You cannot see only the friends which are Online, you see all the friends whom you interacted earlier with the online ones. 
Below you will find the solution for this. You can get back the previous Chat interface of you Facebook account.  You can see in the screenshot that there are offline friends which are not online and still showing  in the list of online friends.

Click the link below

You can Install an Extension to get Back the Old Interface Just click the link below to go to the tutorial page and simply get the solution for above.
Click Here
Applying the extension you will see that your Chat Interface is now like of older version. 

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Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

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