5 Ways To Get Ideas About Next Blog Post

Blogging requires passion which leaves out most people and which is why we see hordes of blogging sites leave the ground (read it battle ground) in the middle. Moreover, the toughest part of blogging is that you need to come up with interesting and engaging posts each time you start your laptop. But coming up with fresh and unique topic for your blog is certainly not an easy feat. You need to brainstorm new ideas and find inspiration from small events if you are to survive in this cutthroat competitive environment. To help you come up with topics, here we are going to share some tips that you can give a try:

Subscribed Newsletter: You may have bumped on some great blogging sites but you cannot remember their exact URLs. This is quite usual with bloggers and general browsers. But as you need some ideas, you need to find the URLs of some great blogs whose posts can inspire you to come up with great people that people would love to share with friends and post comments. The best thing you can do is to subscribe newsletters of some leading sites. This will send you a mail automatically to your mail account when a new post is updated. So, you will have all the inspiration in your mail box.

Read Newspaper And Magazine: Newspaper and magazines are great sources of finding inspiration for writing. You may find a particular topic interesting and can come up with some engaging articles by comparing and contrasting with the event. Like myself have written an article on dating and social media marketing after getting inspired from an article posted on a local newspaper. This is a great way to find topics that are relevant, interesting and engaging.

Google Trends: It is a great tool to find out what is hot and what is not. Just try some keywords and it will give you some idea of the search volume, regions etc. Just check whether the keyword has enough volume otherwise skip the keyword and try something else. However, this is a basic tool and it will help you only if you are trying to get some visitors from a post rather than coming with a great and interesting stuff.

Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool: This is another great tool to have some ideas about posts. Just add some keywords in the given field and it will automatically generate a list of related keywords along with their local and global monthly search volume and there are options to get more in-depth information about search volume im board, exact and phrase match.

Google Blog Search: This is another great resource that all us have tried in some point of our career. All you need to do is to make a search and it will come up with posts already published in different blogs. Just go through some of them and you will find your brain bursting with innumerable topics. But before start off writing, you need to settle down a little bit and then choose the one you feel confident and then you can proceed.

Michael Evans
Guest Post By Michael Evans

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