A Quick Guide to PHP 5

PHP 5 is the latest version of PHP and has been greeted with open arms by the web development industry. The developers are the most relieved and happy bunch among all the others as PHP 5 arms them with never before experienced functionality and freedom. The PHP 5 offers object oriented programming support, enhanced MySQL and extended XML features. PHP 5 brings along a complete set of features and tools that were never offered in any other version of PHP. Whether it’s a small PHP development company or a multinational web development company, everybody is making maximum use of PHP 5 to create entirely new and innovative web applications.

The most essential features of PHP 5 are:

Enhanced Support for OOP: Only limited OOP support was provided by earlier versions of PHP and this was quite frustrating for many developers. The PHP version 5 offers extended OOP functionalities such as classes, public/private methods etc which makes PHP the best web application development language. PHP 5 also offers constructors, destructors, enhanced interfaces and many more OOP features which allow developers to create highly featured and functional web applications using it.
Recoded and Enhanced MySql: The combination of PHP and MySql has been used since a long time for creating highly robust and scalable web applications. But PHP 5 brings a whole new level of compatibility and integration with MySql to produce far more flexible and useful web applications. Enhancements like inbound/outbound parameters, prepared statements, SSL connection and Multi Query functions make PHP 5 superior to any other version of PHP.
New XML Extensions: The XML has been extended by including some really great and effective XML extensions. These extensions include:

·      Single Library Standardization

·      Unified Whole Extension

·      Fully W3C Compliant 

·      Effective and Quick Processing of Data

·      Easy to Handle XML Tool  

SQLite Database Integration: PHP 5 comes along with SQLite that is fully functional on all PHP 5 installations. The SQLite is a much lighter form of MySql that requires only a single library to store and operate the required data. The SQLite adds further functionalities and features to PHP 5 web development through its sub queries, transactions and triggers.

Enhanced Exception Handling: PHP 5 offers highly enhanced error handling interface that was not available with any other version of PHP. The revamped exception handling separates the code logic from exception handling section and allows developers to create more accurate and bug free web applications.

PHP 5 also offers many small yet effective features such as WSDL file and iterations which make the development process more enjoyable and creative. Web development company(companies) have now started adopting it for their PHP development projects and are making good use of it. 

Chris Miller
Guest Post By Chris Miller

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