How to Increase Your Computer’s Efficiency for Better Security

The best time to enjoy the system is when it is performing at its optimum best. But for this to be possible, some things are needed to be done so as to warrant this. Systems are usually produced so that this can be possible. But the real truth is that it is only those that know what to do that usually look forward to doing it. Given the present conditions of the system and the rate with which software are been produced, it is necessary and very important that we update the system so that its performance can match that of the produced software. 
So for this to be possible, it is necessary for the user of the system to know how to enable it computer match the performance of the important software that are just been produced. Here some important ways by which that can be done without stress.

Increase Your RAM

Whatever is shown on the visual display unit part of the system is currently in the Ram. This varies from the programs that are loaded up to the graphics etc. (even when the system is booting). When these programs are loaded, they will require some capacity of that Ram to enable them function to their best. Some people even like to load more than two to three programs at once. The thing is that as long as these programs are loaded, they occupy a special amount on the Ram which will help them function properly. 

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This is the reason it is possible for the system to immediately display any program that you have loaded once you request for it. Now the bad part is that once the space on the Ram is partially or totally occupied and another program is been loaded, the next thing the computer does is to hang fora while before it display what the program carries. In some situations, the computer might not even display anything. All it is going to do is to remain hanging until the system is been restarted. So for this reason, it is compulsory to ensure that the space on the Ram or the Ram capacity is quite big so that it can contain all the programs required of it to open. In a case where the Ram on the system is too small for the rate at which you expect the system to function, the best and likely solution is get a bigger one and fixing it is the easiest thing that can be done one the system when it comes to replacing the hard ware component of the system.

Defrag Your System

When the term defrag is used anywhere, it means the process by which the system organize files that are on the system so as to save disk space. This is necessary because of the fact that when we work on the system, we often save our works anyhow it pleases us without knowing that it is a grave danger to the system. Now when the disk defragmenter is told to do his work, it will automatically arrange this files in such a way that it will be convenient for both the system user and the system to locate it whenever the file is requested for. This also will help to save the space on the hard drive of the system.

Use good Anti-Virus

Another thing that slows down the rate at which the system is capable of functioning is the virus. This is made possible by the way at which they attack the important files that keep the system in good shape and ready to perform any task at any given time. Once this files are attacked, it will be impossible for the system to execute them the right way hence the slow in speed of the system. In some cases, these files are even completely removed and only formatting of the system can bring them back. So this is the reason it is very important that a very good anti-virus is needed to keep this so called virus away from the system so as to keep the system in good shape for the day it will be needed.

Do not overload your Hard disk

For the system to function properly, it is required that the space to operate is given without restriction. But in a situation where all the space on the hard disk is used up, there will be no room for that to be possible hence the reason the system sometimes hangs. This can be as a result of too much software that are on the system, some people even like to store movies on the system because they believe that the movie is far too important to be deleted. The day the system will refuse to boot up and formatting will be needed so as to enable the system function once again, all that important things that you really cherish will have to go with it. So for this reason it is important that we mind the rate at which we occupy the space on our hard drive. For movies lovers, it is advisable that you purchase an external hard drive so that you can save all your movies in them and give the system some breathing space.

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