Top 5 Mobiles of 2011 with Main Features and Specifications

In these days many mobile companies launching their amazing Smartphone in the market to attract mobiles users towards theme. You can find many brands which giving best features in very amazing prices. Mainly Samsung, Apple and Nokia are very hot in the mobile industry. In this post I am giving some details about the Top 5 Mobiles of 2011 and their Main Features.
Apple iPhone 4
We all know about iPhone series. These comes with the best feature and Specifications which you cannot find in other brand mobiles. Apple modified this iPhone series in a better way to give their customers a full experience of smartphone. The iPhone 4 comes with amazing display quality with outstanding Camera. The body is very smartly designed with stainless steel which gives an outstanding classic look. SOme of the Best Features of iPhone 4 are given below:
1. Amazing 5MP Camera Quality
2. Large display with LED backlit
3. Unbeatable Apps and Themes
4. Smart mobility 
5. All connectivity Features
Apple iPhone 4S
This is the latest smartphone in iPhone Series. It comes with amazing retina display which gives worlds best viewing experience. Camera of 8 Mega Pixel makes it a smart photo clicker, also it consist of various photo shoots and modes. Some Best Features of this smartphone are given below:
1. 8 MP Camera
2. Large LED Backlit with Retina Display
3. Apps and Themes available
4. Smart and Comfortable Classic Design
5. Comes with All Connectivity Support
Samsung Galaxy S2
Much Liked smartphone nowadays. It comes with 8MP amazing Camera quality with large Super Amoled Plus Display. Comes with many smart apps and GPS navigation system. All the galaxy series comes with great functionality and connectivity which fulfill your all needs. SOme of the BEst Features of this Galaxy Series Smartphone are given below:
1. 8MP Camera with High resolution
2. Super Amoled Plus Display with Gorilla Glass Protection
3. Various Apps and Themes
4. Comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread (upgradable)
5. Best Design and classic look
Nokia Lumia
Latest Nokia Mobile in the market which comes with windows. This smartphone is very Hot in the mobile market. The design is very classic with smart mobility. It is available in the market with great features. You can do beyond boundaries with this smart mobile. Some Unique Features are you can find below:
1. Windows Mobile
2. Amazing Camera Quality
3. Large LCD Capacitive Display
4. Smart design and looks
5. Apps and Themes are available 
Samsung Galaxy Note
What to say about this Smartphone. You can say it Phone+Tab because of its gigantic looks. It comes with Large Super Amoled Plus Gorilla Glass Display. The Large display makes it very interesting mobile in the market, also it comes with 2.3 Android Gingerbread with latest Features and Apps. Some of the great features of this smartphone are given below:
1. Large Super Amoled Gorilla Glass display
2. Android 2.3 Gingerbread (upgradable)
3. 8 Mega Pixel Camera
4. Apps and Themes available
5. Touch Stick available
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