How to Create Symbols in Adobe Illustrator Easily

Creating a symbol is quite tricky for many new users. Symbol is a type of object or creation that you can save and use it in any other document of any size and format. Take an example of a round circle with fill. You can use it in any other document and save it for further use in future. You can save as many symbols in the library of Illustrator. These techniques saves your time and helps in reducing size of your files.

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Let try to create a symbol of your own. We can take an example of a round circle with fill as we mentioned above. For this just create a new document of any particular size and name it Symbol. You can use A4 size as well.

Create a new document of any size (I recommend to use A4 size)

Create a circle with fill and drag it into symbol panel

Name it and select Graphic Option in the dialog box

Now the symbol is saved in the symbol panel for further use

To test your symbol select the symbol and and then select spray tool and apply

Using these symbols you can easily create your illustration which are larger in size and which require same object in numbers. You can create a movie clip in the dialog box which appear while creating a symbol. This is used for Adobe Flash work and used when you have to import any illustrator symbol in Adobe Flash files.
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