How to Import Swatches and Brushes to Library of Adobe Illustrator

In Illustrator Brushes and Swatches play a vital role in designing. Swatches are color patterns which are linked with a document in the library of Swatches. You can add these in groups or individually if required. You can easily add Swatches in your documents while designing. There are many kinds of Swatches you will find in Illustrator, some of them are as follows:

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1. Pattern Swatches

2. Registration Swatches

3. Spot Color Swatches

4. Process color Swatches

5. None Swatches

To Import Swatches in Library follow the step by step method as follows:
Goto Swatches Panel and click the first option at the bottom to Import

Select your Swatches from your Computer

The Imported Swatches will saved in the Swatches Panel

Lets talk about Brushes: These let you design your path appearance. You can add brushes to your strokes which you design with the help if line tool, pencil tool, brush tool and pen tool. There is also a category of brushes which you can use in your design documents.

1. Pattern Brushes

2. Art Brushes

3. Scatter Brushes

4. Calligraphic Brushes

To Import Brushes in Library follow the step by step method as follows:

Same as above Click the First option at the Bottom of Brushes Panel

Simply select your files to Import

Following these simple steps you can easily import your Swatches and Brushes files directly into the library of Illustrator. You can add as many of he files and use them in every document you open. Hope you like these easy steps! Have a nice day!

Note: You can also add your files on going directly to your application folder. Simply copy and paste your files into the software package folder you can find other default Swatches and Brushes.

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