Ways to Increase or Improve Your Google Adsense CPC and CTR Rate

We all know that Adsense is the prime source of income for Bloggers and Website Owners. If you also fall in this field then you always try to increase your Adsense earnings and for this you have to improve your Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click Through rate) to get more revenue from your Ad clicking. There are many things which you have to keep in mind to get more from Adsense. In this post you will find some working ways to generate good income trough Adsense.
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First you have to know about CPC and CTR. Adsense CPC is Cost Per Click, in simple words this is a click by which you generate per click money. Where as CTR is (Click Through Rate) the % of visitors that clicked your Ads. Mostly Blogger try to improve the CPC as well as CTR Rates. If you have a good CPC and CTR Rate then you are earning a decent income. Also you have to know which factors affect your CPC and CTR much. There are number of factors like – Niche, Domain name, Content, Page Rank and Country. Let discuss all these factors to increase your Adsense CPC and CTR in simple ways given below:

Firstly you have to choose a suitable niche for your site/blog. This is very important factor which play the lead role in your Adsense revenue. You CPC and CTR totally depends on your Niche. For example Niche like Web Hosting, Domains, Banking, Automobile, Real State and Gadget Reviews can give you a good earnings because their CPC and CTR is much higher than any other Niches.

Second thing is Domain. You have to research a lot for a better domain which describe your Blog Niche properly. For example if you are working on a blog/site with tech niche then you have to chose a right domain name which suites tech niche blog/site.


On of the most important factor is Content. Remember you have to deliver unique content with quality paragraphs to generate more from your blog/site. One of the most famous line by experts is ‘Content is King’ – Keep this in your mind and blog daily and update your blog/site regularly.

Page Rank

Page Rank is very important for your blog/site. This define your blog in a right way. I recommend to work on your Page Rank and Get a PR minimum 2. Most Guest Blogger check your PR before to add guest articles on your Blog, so this is one of the most important factor if you want to recieve guest articles from other Bloggers.

Yeah this is also works with your CPC and CTR. This is important factor because your CPC and CTR also depend on your visitors location. Mainly ad click from USA can get you a CPC of $1-$3 whereas a simgle click from India or Asia get you CPC of $.01-$10. So you have to target USA visitors to get more from your Ad Click.

By working on these above factors you will easily improve you CPC and CTR rates. Hope you like this post. have a nice day!

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