How to Create 3D Text Logo using Extrude and Bevel Options in Illustrator

Illustrator comes with inbuilt 3D effects which embalm us to create objects with 3 Dimensional properties. You can create 3D objects using this unique tool like 3D box, cube and text for logo designing purposes. Also there are better options to control these 3D effects in Appearance panel in Illustrator. Options like shading, lighting and rotation are the main properties of this 3D tool. You can easily Extrude and bevel your objects and also apply maps on the your object’s surfaces. Lets come to the point, we have to create 3D text using these Extrude and Bevel Option available in Illustrator. In this post you will find easy steps to create the same.
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Illustrator provide you two different ways to create 3D text and objects. First is by  extruding and bevel  and second is by revolve (The revolve tool you will find in upcoming tutorial). Also you can simply rotate your objects in all 3D dimensions as required. 

Note: You can change or modify the applied 3D effects from Appearance panel in the right side of your Illustrator interface. For this option goto windows > and check for Appearance option.

These 3D effects can be find in Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel. For more options just click More Option at the bottom of the window. Preview is available to view your object look like. Now we have to create a 3D text using this Tool. Create a new document of A4 size (size recommended by experts). Type a text using Type Tool(T) and select the text using Selection Tool (V).

Note: You can use the bevel option in Cap. Using this tool you can bevel your text or object by simply selecting the bevel tool. (Bevel tool is the hollow cylinder you can find after the Extrude option in Cap after Extrude Depth option.

With selecting the text goto Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel. You will see the window for 3D Extrude and Bevel Options. Just check the preview button in the window. You can see the 3D transform of your text. Now rotate the cube using your mouse or simply fill the angle in XYZ Dimensions. 

Also there are other options like Extrude Depth which you can use for extrude depth for your text.  Also you can see bevel options, Light Intensity, Ambient Light and other properties which you can easily use in a single click. Just check the preview button and see the live changes. These extra options you can see by hitting more options button in the 3D Extrude and Bevel Options window. Also you can choose Surface type from Surface options. There are Surface options like Wire frame, No Shading, Diffuse Shading and Plastic Shading available, you can choose which you require from these selective options.

If you have Higher versions like CS4 or CS5 then you have much easier and better options for this 3D Extrude and Bevel tool. Also there is Shading Color option available for your 3D object. Using this option you can apply a shade to your text of different color. Just click the shading color option and hot custom and select the color of your choice for your 3D text. Hope you like this tutorial, have a nice day!

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