3 Things to Consider before Creating Special Discounts for Your Product

Since I’m an expert at using coupons and special offers to make more sales on my nutrisystem and medifast blog and also to help clients market their products and make record sales I have been getting a lot of questions lately. People ask me various questions ranging from why I use coupons to promote my products and what I steps I take before deciding to use coupons to market a particular product. After taking a look at the questions asked by most of these people and after asking them some questions I came to the conclusion that giving discounts for your products might not be the best thing to do.
If you’ve been thinking of creating special discounts to make more money then make sure you read this article. The lessons presented are what I learned from my experience with building a coupon based marketing site.
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The Nature of Your Audience
The first thing you have to consider to ensure success when trying to create special discounts to market your blog is to research and know who your audience is. One thing I have learned over years of working in various niches is that the approach that worked for a particular niche won’t necessarily work for yours – the fact that people are creating special discounts for their products and are getting results in the health niche doesn’t mean it will work in the business niche.

Make sure you don’t just dismiss the possibility of coupons working. Try to take a look at your niche and some of the recent people who used coupons to promote their products. Try to observe their approach to see if it works and make sure you don’t commit the same mistake they did.

What You Want to Achieve
The next thing you have to consider when trying to use coupons to promote your product is what you plan to achieve through the use coupons. A lot of people believe they will make more money if they are able to get a lot of people to buy their products and as a result start giving people special offers. The reality is that they are making a great mistake. You need to realize that in the marketing world more sales don’t necessarily means more money so if your aim is to make a lot of money using coupons might not be that smart.

My point is that there is no point giving people a 60% discount on your product when you want to make money – it is better to get 100 people to buy your product at $97 than to get 200 people to buy it at a $37 discount. Think and act wisely!

How Coupons are Being Used in Your Niche
The final factor you should consider when trying to promote your products using special discounts is how coupons are being used in your niche. You need to research to see if it is a very common thing in your niche or if it is hardly use. If people hardly use coupons and special discounts to market their products there is every probability it will be more effective if you use it since a lot of your competitors are yet to be aware of it.

Guest Post by: John

John is a blogger who publishes Medifast coupons in his weight loss blog www.WeightLossTriumph.com. Medifast is diet company that delivers meal replacements (drinks, bars, soups, etc) specially formulated to help you lose weight fast and safely.