A Run Through of the Menus in Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a great free tool for webmasters looking to find crawling, linking and miscellaneous information about their website. All the data comes from Google’s index (called Googlebot) so is of great value to webmasters. For the uninitiated, the functions and menus in GWT can be puzzling, but many of them can be explained simply. See below for a run through of the menus in GWT to better understand the interface:

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Site Configuration

Sitemaps – Allows you to upload an XML sitemap; useful for better indexing

Crawler Access – Allows users to specify robots.txt data; useful for blocking Googlebot when you don’t want certain content to be indexed.

Sitelinks – Allows users to demote a sitelink in Google’s SERPs

Change of Address – Allows users to tell Google about a site’s new domain, if it changes

Settings – Allows users to set a site’s Geographic target, Preferred domain and Crawl rate

URL Paramaters – Allows you to configure URL parameters

Your Site on the Web
Search Queries – Shows some basic analytics information for your site

Links to your Site – Shows the inbound link data for your site – this is very useful for SEOs.

Keywords – Shows the most common keywords used on your site – shows “what your site is about”

Internal L inks – Shows internal link data for your site

Subscriber stats – Shows XML feed stats 

+ 1 Metrics
Search Impact – Shows annotated impressions and clicks

Activity – Shows new Google +1’s for your site

Audience – Shows the total number of unique users that have +1’d your site 

Malware – Shows details of any malware found on your site. V important to keep an eye on this.

Crawl Errors – Shows the 404 errors on your site i.e. pages not found

Fetch as Googlebot – Allows you to see how your site looks to Google, not to a browser

HTML suggestions – Shows short, duplicate and long meta data; gives suggestions to change

Author stats – Shows search stats for pages which you are the author

Custom Search – Harness the power of Google to create a customized search experience for your own website 

Instant Previews – Allows you to compare what Google has index with an instant preview

Site Performance – Shows load time data for your site

Video sitemaps – Allows you to upload video sitemaps



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