Best Jquery Widgets and Plugins For Blogger

An advanced design plugin which makes your blog attractive with slides and scroll features. Its easy to add this plugins to your Blogger blogs. Many of Probloggers are using this genuine features on their blogs and working fine with it. Basically Jquery is a code written plugin which you can add in the body of your blog code and design and place the plugin in your blog’s sidebar, header, main space or footer. This supports all the browsers currently available and do not require a fast Internet connection. It would not effect the size of your blog much, this is a light plugin with faster loading time of microseconds.
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Here you can find 5 Best Jquery widgets which are very popular and mostly used in blogs. You can try these stuffs and have a looks of your site with Jquery but before adding please make a backup of your current template design code. Hope you will like these nice Jquery enabled plugins.

1. Featured Posts Slider


Its a powerful featured posts slider plugin for Blogger which you have seen on many blogs and sites. This plugin comes with three unique designs and function. Many users like this and added on their blogs. This is an amazing Jquery feature powered by Nivo which consist of various methods for design.

2. Jquery Drop Down Menu


Most popular easy to use plugin for Blogger. You have seen many drop down menu on the Internet but this one looks different and easy to add links and free to use and customize. This comes with neat and clean design and cool drop down effects.

3. Floating Bubble Menu


One more cool menu bar with floating bubble effect. You can add this menu bar easily in the body of your template in template designer window. Its unique, interactive and easy to navigate.

4. Image Inner Zoom Effect


Its a very popular plugin used in many Blogger blogs. This lets you to show a depth zoom besides your images. Adding this is easy and makes your image look unique and attractive. For Example – If you added an image of size 150×150 then that image effect will be shown on that size space only. Hope it will attract your visitors.

5. Sexy Social Bookmarks Widget


Sharing is Sexy that is why it is very popular among Blogger users. It consist of eye catching design and look. Very attractive plugin for bookmark and sharing purpose.

On dragging mouse over first line of icons it expands into 3-4 lines of social sharing icons. At last i would say its a smart option for sharing and bookmarking.

Hope you liked all the plugins. Simply click the links provided on headings to goto the adding tutorial page to apply them to your Blogger blog. Have a nice day!

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