Some Android Issues That Every User Must Be Aware Of

Google’s executive chairman recently announced that the Android was ahead of its main rival, the iPhone in terms of unit volume sales, much lower pricing, greater number of vendors and most important of the all, the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). He emphasized that the size of the market share wasn’t everything.

Currently, there are more than 200 million Android devices in use with almost 550,000 being manufactured daily. That is indeed an astonishing figure. And Google is hopeful that with the introduction of the Android 4.0, it will give them a boost both in terms of apps and sales. The vendors have also got a crucial role to play if Android is going to challenge the iPhone for the coveted first position in the market.


All the above strategies are only part of the equation when it comes to deciding who will win the battle eventually. Google must put its priority on solving the issues that are currently being faced by the Android users. There’s no point in expanding your market dynamics while putting your current user-base on ignore.

Given below are some of the challenges faced by Android:

Updating to the latest versions

Official statistics of the user’s OS versions show that seven out of eighteen Android smart phones never have updated their OS to the current releases. This puts the Ice Cream Sandwich update in perspective and if it would be able to make any impact.

High rate of hardware failures

If the other problems were not enough, Android smart phones are also known to critically fail every now and then. Estimates put it at around 14% of user complaints that are related to hardware failures. Warranty claims on hardware cost Google a hefty cost sheet of up to $2 billion per year.

Lack of a solid anti-malware program

There are numerous anti-malware scanners available on the Android market, which boast complete protection from malware codes. But, that is far from the case as most of them are utterly useless and end up exposing your OS rather than protecting it.

No more Flash support

The Ice Cream Sandwich will be the last update featuring flash functionality. After that, there will be no more updates and support for flash. Any new OS upgrades will no longer be able to use flash based programs and games.

Google’s patent issues with the Android supported phones

Patent issues have forced handset OEM’s to pay millions of dollars every year to their rivals, Microsoft. Apart from Barnes and Noble, no company yet has come to the defense of Google.

Risk from ‘bloatware’

Handset manufacturers have been reported to install unknown software, referred to as ‘bloatware’ without the permission or authorization of Google. Resultantly, this has made the Android platform even more insecure. Google seriously needs to address all the above mentioned issues in their Android platform before it can lay any claim on the leading position in the smart phone market.