10 Photo Tips for Your Blog

There are no hard and fast guidelines for photography. Like any art, it is all determined by what the artist wants to communicate. But even artists need tips once in a while. Here are ten ways to make the photos you take for your blog pop.

Balance – Yin and Yang, good and evil, black and white. Find your equilibrium. It might be shade, it might be form, it might be texture. Whatever it is, ensure your photo is balanced. Attempt taking the photo with the subject off-centered and composed with something in the background (or foreground).

Lead – No pointless images here. The human eye is great at choosing what is essential, even in a chaoticsetting, but the camera is not as good at it. Take careto lead your viewers where you want them to go, without being sidetracked. It might mean you must to crop the photo, make it black and white, or just frame the image.

Viewpoint – There are many, many ways to look at a scene. Don’t just take photos directly. Try approaching from above or below, sideways or diagonally. Seeing objects from a new viewpoint can really open your eyes.

Background – Your background can supplement your picture or diminish it. If your subject is the only thing you want people to see, choose a simple background. If you want more depth to your photos, try an overlapping background. Whatever you elect, make certain the subject remains the subject.

Frame – Having difficulty really focusing in on the subject? Try framing. There are oodles of things that provide natural edges for a photo. A barrier, a window casing, a shrub, a mountain. Fool around and see what works for you.

Focus – Extremely important, particularly with close-ups or great distances. You may want to use a tripod, just so the camera stays focused and firm. The interest in a picture is radically reduced if it’s indistinct and out of focus.

Breathe – Let your focus breathe a bit. Keep some negative space in your photo so that people do not get overcome. The eyes will organically focus on the subject, even if 90% of the photo is negative space.

Try – Try, try, try again. The wonderful thing about digital cameras is the lack of film. So take tons of photos. If you’ve got the subject arranged it is much easier to take ten shots now rather than taking one and having to start from scratchlater.

Light – Experiment with lighting. I know the ‘Golden Hour’ is when you stereotypically set up your pictures, but attempt different times of the day for diverse effects. Or, if you are shooting indoors, try lighting from altered, dramatic angles. Shadows add pronounced depth to an otherwise flat photo.

Play – Have fun! That’s what you are doing this for, right? Fool around. See what works for you. And remember, no one appreciates things exactly the same way. Take an additional look and see what you can discern.

There you have it: ten simple tips on making the most of the photos you take for your blog. Now quit reading and get out there. Remember to have fun and try out new things. Don’t be afraid to get dirty. We are always surrounded by splendor; sometimes you just have to look for it.

Guest Post by: Christine Kane

Christine Kane is from internet service providers She enjoy to write Internet related stuff on various blogs.
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