How to Cut Costs on Mobile SIM Usage

There is a lot of stunning info out there about how people use their mobile phones, but one thing that surprises me the most is the fact that a lot of people go into debt just to be able to afford the best internet service they need, due to the SIM contract they’re on.


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I have heard about people paying hundreds of dollars every month just in mobile bills, and I’m still surprised by the fact that these people are wasting so much on mobile access when they can get something better for a cheaper price. I’ll be sharing a few tips with you below on how to cut costs on your mobile SIM contracts. 

Go for a SIM Only Deal
As someone who specializes in helping others get the best SIM Only contracts, I don’t think I can emphasize this enough.
The reason why most of us keep paying hefty mobile fees every month isn’t because we’re getting additional services, neither is it because our ISPs are better than the rest but it is simply because we’re paying for more than just the SIM contract or mobile deal, it’s because we’re also paying a lot more for the mobile phone we are given when we signed the contract.

Most ISPs will happily give you a mobile phone when you sign a standard mobile contract with them, but a problem you might not be aware of is that they will end up charging you a lot more for the mobile phone they gave you.

By going for a SIM only deal you will not only be able to get a cheaper deal, but a better one. In other words, you can get improved services as a SIM only user for around $10 when others are paying over $50 monthly for a standard contract. 

Start Using a New Mobile Service Provider
Try to ask yourself the following question; why are you really using the mobile service provider you are using right now? Is it simply because they are the best for you, or because they are the talk of the town?
Many mobile phone users today go with a particular ISP because everybody seems to be using them, but the reality they will soon have to deal with is that those ISPs aren’t always the best. Make sure you don’t sacrifice quality over price, but also make sure you aren’t paying double for a service you are hardly enjoying. Look for a better offer with your current ISP, or migrate to a new ISP as soon as possible. 
Try Using a PAYG Service
Really, why keep on paying monthly for a service you hardly use?
If you’re sure you only use a few minutes of calls every month, and that you hardly use the other packages that comes with your mobile subscription you can also save more money by migrating to a pay as you go mobile service. With a Pay as You Go mobile service you might eventually spend a fraction of what you’re spending on mobile contracts every month.