How to Download Nimbuzz in Nokia Mobiles

Nimbuzz is very popular application for Instant Messaging for mobile phones. You can chat with your friends and relatives with the help of this amazing application. You can also add your Gmail, Facebook and Yahoo friends at a same point easily and chat with all of them in one window. Also this app lets you to share your files and photos with your loved one. The best thing of this app is you can make calls on a low price to any mobile easily. 

This app let you to connect, share and call. This an amazing app ever made for mobile users. This is very popular among Nokia Mobile users because it comes with a simple jar files and easy to install. Many users get online with the help of this smart app on their mobiles and chat with their online friends and relatives.

To Download this app directly to your computer for your mobile. Goto the official page of Nimbuzz

Here you will find an advanced setup. There are two options – one for brand selection and second for model selection. Simple select Nokia as brand and then select your Nokia Phone Model. 
For example – Lets choose Nokia X3

Choose your Mobile Brand and Model Number

After Choosing Mobile Brand and Model just click Download Now button

Simply click the Nimbuzz jar file to download it to your computer

After downloading Nimbuzz you can directly transfer the jar file in your mobile phone memory or memory card. I recommend you to save the jar file in your application folder in phone memory. Now simply launch the application and start connecting with your friends. Hope you like this application. Even I am using it in my Samsung Mobile Phone and loving it!