Top 5 Goofy Tech Innovations at 2012 CES

Modern technology is producing some pretty stellar toys and gadgets. The only problem is they don’t come cheap. Take a look at our list of the top five innovative tech products from this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, and decide for yourself whether the gizmos are worth a large dent in your wallet.
The Sphero – $129 This glowing little orb of fun is actually a ball with a built-in brain. It is compatible with various iOS and Android apps that allow the user to move the Sphero, play a virtual game of golf, and create images in light. The ball is about 3 inches across and is surrounded by LED lights – which let you change the ball to virtually any color you can imagine. The Sphero is marketed as a toy, and children have a blast chasing around the color-changing robotic ball. However, you can only delight in “driving” the ball around for so long. There just doesn’t seem to be enough versatility in the product to justify its high price.  
Tagg Pet Tracker – $99 – Finally, a dog collar that keeps track of your dog’s whereabouts! The system doesn’t just help you find a lost dog; it actually prevents the dog from getting lost in the first place. The collar has a built-in microchip to locate your dog via GPS at any given moment. But designers have taken the concept a step further, allowing the collar to create a “Tagg zone” (the area where the pet spends most of its time). When your dog steps outside of its normal perimeter, you are alerted through your Smartphone or email.  The app also allows you to locate nearby parks, pet stores, and veterinarians. In addition to the purchase of the product, Tagg requires a monthly fee of $7.95 for the service.  

Withing’s Baby Scale – TBA – The company that released the first Smart Baby Monitor last year has followed it up with the first Smart Baby Scale. The scale is built to be compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The lightweight device is less than two feet wide and can be used for children up to 55 pounds, or 8 years old. It is designed for use with the WiScale app, which is free. Reps from the company claim that parents will soon be able to post their baby’s stats and percentiles to Facebook and Twitter through the app. 

LG Blast Chiller – TBA – No one wants to drink a warm soda – and LG’s new Blast Chiller ensures that you won’t have to. The small lower compartment allows you chill any item within 5 minutes.  A full bottle of wine or two cans of soda can be cooled within 8 minutes. The Blast Chiller received the “Best of Innovations” award at the 2012 CES. Of course the Blast Chilller isn’t a product itself, but rather a feature in LG’s newest French-door fridge. The fridge also adjusts its own temperature and air circulation in order to keep food as fresh as possible.  

Swiss Army SSD – TBA – Victorinox, the company famous for their Swiss Army Knives, has just released a new knife with a hard drive built inside. That’s right – a hard drive. The knife will come in capacities of 64GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, and even 1 TB! In addition, the device will have both eSATA and USB ports.  Of course a fully functional pocket knife is included so it can still be called a pocket knifel. Designers have even made it simple to swap out the knife for a flight-approved version in order to make traveling as easy as possible. Besides breaking ground as the first utility knife/SSD combo, the drive has also been declared the world’s smallest high capacity SSD.

These five gadgets are just a few of the many innovations that were revealed at CES this year.  Before long every aspect of our lives is going to be gadgetized.  Is the cost associated with the technology age really worth it?


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