How to Reward your Blog Commentators

Getting comments for the Blog is not so easy, many Bloggers uses various techniques to get more and more comments to there Blogs. As most of the Internet users are Lazy and they don’t comment, so whenever the Blog receives the comment of there Readers, then it is the job of Blog Owner to Reward there Commentators. As more number of comments represents the Popularity of Blog.
Also Rewarding the Commentors of the Blog is the best way to gain more comments. I have done this for my Discount Coupon Blog and started getting good number of comments. If you also want to reward your Blog Commentors, then read the points below.

1. Make a Dofollow Blog
The first thing you should do is to make your Blog dofollow means remove the nofollow attribute, so that the commenters can gain dofollow backinks which is very helpful to rank high in Search Engines. If you are running a WordPress Blog, then you can easily install dofollow plugin, which will automatically handle this work and will make all the links dofollow. This is the best way to reward your blog commenters.

2. Answer Them

After Reading the Article, readers have the tendency to leave the comments with questions if they didn’t understood anything. Its job of yours to answer them and clear all there doubts or questions. This could be one of the best rewards that you can give to your Commentors.

3. Add Top Commentator Widget
If your Blog has started receiving lots of comments then you should add Top Commentator Widget. Everyone wants to see his name in other Blogs, by adding this widget at the Sidebar, you are actually rewarding them. If you have high PR Blog with tons of Traffic, it really feel them special to the Commentor to see his name at the Sidebar in Top Commentator Widget. If you are using WordPress, you can easily install a plugin to get the Top Commentator Widget.

4. Bad Habit- Offering Free Ad Slots

I have seen in many Blogs where Blog Owners offers free Ad Slots monthly to the Readers with the Highest Comment. It is not good method, it will only bring you spam Comments from the Readers for the sake of winning the Ad Slots. Rather start looking for the Relative Comments on your Blog. Offering free things to Increase Comments cant be considered as a reward for them. Try to gain more comments without Offering for free, if you have a quality content, then more readers will comment.