6 Best Tips For Blog Commenting

As a Blogger, you know how important it is to build backlinks for your Blog to gain High Search Engine Rankings. Commenting is one of the best ways to build backlinks for your Blog but you need to follow blog commenting tips to get it approved.
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Following the Blog Commenting Tips will help you to get your comment approved on other Blogs. Other Backlinks Building, Commenting on other Blogs also helps in Users Interaction and Building Relationships. I have mentioned few blog commenting tips, follow them to be successful in Blog Commenting.
Dont Spam
Most of the Bloggers usually try to spam other Blog with short comments. Blog Owners can even ban your IP Address. Don’t spam and try to be unique in Commenting. Don’t comment just to gain Backlinks. Being Unique in Commenting will get your Comment Approved.

Add a Gravatar  
If you don’t know about Gravatar, then it’s a site which lets you Upload your Photo and display it whenever you leave a Comment on other Blogs. Just Sign Up for Gravatar. Having a Gravatar with your comment will increase your chances of getting comment approved.

Use your Real Name  
Mostly its seen that even after adding a note in Comment section, still you get comments with the names like Technology, WordPress Tips, Your Blog Name etc. If you are one of those who isn’t using his real name then there are high chance that your comment will get deleted. So use your Real Name while Commenting, this is one of the Best Blog Commenting Tips.

Try to be a First Commentator  
Subscribe to Blog feeds and as soon as the Blog gets updated try to be the First Person to comment on the post and try to be catchy, then the other readers who will comment will likely to see your Comments and this may bring some traffic to your Blog. Also whenever the Blog owner publish the Article on his Blog, then your comment is likely to get accepted if you are first to comment.

Don’t Hyperlink the Words  
Some of you may have the habit to use Hyperlinks in the Comments. It is considered as spam and your comment will get deleted. Unless you are leaving a Useful link relating to the posts which might be helpful for readers, your readers will likely to get deleted. So leave normal comment and don’t hyperlink the words in it.

Leave a Long Comment 
Leaving long comment is one of the best commenting tips. Try to leave long Comments as both the Blog Owner and Readers like it. It will look catchy and most likely everyone include Blog Owner will read your full comment. So focus that your comment left should have sense. Also after leaving a long comment, you may get traffic to your Blog. 


Guest Post by: Harry Sehgal
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