5 Money Saving iPad Apps You Should Know

I love saving money almost as much as I love my iPad. I currently have three folders on my iPad filled with money-saving apps. Of those three folders, I only use a handful with any regularity. In an effort to help keep clutter off of your iPad, I’ve created a list of my favourite money-saving apps. The list has been narrowed down to only my top five so you won’t have to worry about download overload. I consider these apps essential to any budget-conscious iPad enthusiast. Enjoy!

Mint (Free)

Mint downloads information from all of your financial accounts and organises them into easy to understand budget categories. The user interface on this app is outstanding. It allows you to set up a monthly budget for common spending categories and then proceeds to track your spending in each category. The app summarises your spending through easy to read pie charts and bar graphs. It will also warn you by email when you are nearing your budget limit. This app is perfect for anyone who needs to keep track of their income and expenditures.

Kayak (Free)

Kayak is my favourite travel deal app. The functionality of the app is no different from others that compare hotel, airfare, or vehicle rental prices. What makes Kayak stand apart from the others is its amazing iPad interface and intuitive controls. I’ve also noticed that other travel apps that I’ve used are glitch and become bogged down during searches. I’ve never had that problem with Kayak.

Groupon (Free)

Groupon is the perfect app for finding daily deals at local restaurants or service providers. This app allows users to buy what are essentially half off gift cards for their favourite local vendors. Each day a new deal offering a large discount is shown. If you don’t like the deal, you can either wait until the next day’s listing or browse to the Groupon Now section of the app. The Groupon Now section offers dozens of deals that are typically required to be used the day of purchase. Groupon offers tremendous savings for users while providing local vendors with a steady stream of customers.

Road Trip ($4.99)

For those of you who would like to become more conscious of how your driving habits affect your mileage, this app is for you. At each fill up the app will ask you how many gallons you put into your tank, your odometer reading, and the total cost of your purchase. Road Trip will then calculate your miles per gallon, cost per mile driven, and many other useful statistics that can help you determine how to drive more efficiently.

Allrecipes (Free)

Eating out every night can kill a budget quicker than almost any other discretionary spending item. It’s rare when you can find a good meal at a restaurant for under $10. Allrecipes is perfect for those who want to try and cook more at home and save their restaurant money for the weekend. Allrecipes provides a robust and easy to use recipe search engine with thousands of recipes to search from. Another plus about this app is that it has a great community of users who take time to write reviews. It’s not uncommon for popular recipes to have been reviewed over 1,000 times!

Guest Post by: Andy

Andy writes about saving money on SavingUp.com.au, one of the up-and-coming savings account comparison websites for the Australian market.

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