4 Reasons why your Blog has High Loading Time

If you have a Blog, then you don’t want it to take huge time to load. Also after Google updated that Blog Loading Time affects the Search Engine Rankings, more number of Bloggers started optimizing there blogs to improve there loading time. If your Blog takes huge time to load, then it will irritate our visitors and you may loose your blog traffic.

Even after following some tips, bloggers are still not able to improve there Blog Loading Time. There may be many reasons behind this high loading time.

1. Lots of Advertisements

Most of the Bloggers displays lot of advertisements in there blogs to earn more money. Displaying lot of ads doesn’t means that it will make you earn good, even showing less ads can earn you good money. But displaying lots of advertisements affects your blog loading time. Also Readers gets Irritated from so many ads and your blog may loose traffic.

2. Using so many Plugins

If you are using WordPress, then installing many plugins can be reason of High Loading Time. Try to
install less plugins so that your blogs gets Loading Time. You should also install W3Total Cache and
smush.it plugin which will help in Improving your Blog Loading Time.

3. Select Proper Theme

Get a good theme for your Blog. You can purchase some of the Premium Themes with good features.
Most of the Free WordPress Themes often have high loading time. Themes includes Javascript, CSS
which needs to be compressed so as to improve blog loading time. So the theme may also be the reason behind this and you should use good themes that has proper coding so that your Blog can get good Loading Time.

4. Web Hosting

Web Hosting is also one of the reason behind your Blog High Loading Time. Choose proper Web Host for your Blog. Even if you are following all the tips, then Web Hosting may be the only reason behind this. Ask your Web Hosting Company to solve this problem or if you still face the same problem, then you should try to change the Web Hosting Company.