How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google for Indexing

Basically sitemap is a simple text file which consist of your post links and pages on your blog/site. Webmasters recommends to submit sitemap to Google for crawling. In WordPress blogs its easy to submit sitemap through plugins but in the case of Blogger blog it is a bit complicated.

To make it easy we decided to write a post  on this topic and discuss how to submit your proper sitemap of your blog/site to Google for indexing. Below you can find some simple steps to submit your sitemap to Google easily.
Sign up for Google Webmasters. After signing in add your blog/site and click on Sitemaps link at left side on the page(see the screenshot below).

Click the Sitemaps link pointed with blue arrow in the screenshot

Hit the Add/test sitemap button

Enter your domain name with /atom.xml and hit Submit Sitemap

You have done! now you can see that your sitemap is pending

Note: If your blog consist of like address then enter in the given window of Ad/Test Sitemap. Also you have to add and burn your blog feeds in Feedburner. 

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

+Itender Rawat is editor-in-chief and owner of DigitFox. He is a Technology Enthusiast and CG Artist Loves to create 3D models and objects.

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