15 Apps Every iPhone User Should Have

Some of the most important apps an iPhone user can have on his phone are those that either provide useful information while he is on the go or help improve his productivity. Like cheap car insurance coverage, a good app makes your life easier. Just like low car insurance, a great app can actually make your life better. Here are 15 apps that every iPhone user should have.

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1. The Weather Channel

Whether you’re an auto insurance salesman or an undertaker, the weather can have a huge impact on your day. Use this app to find out the details of the weather forecast for the foreseeable future. The Weather Channel app will let you know whether or not you should bring that umbrella with you today.

2. Quickoffice

Quickoffice supports both viewing and editing of Excel and Word documents on your iPhone. Both tasks are intuitive, smooth, and easy to accomplish. Once your document is completed, you can upload it to your website, send it to your MobileMe account, or attach it to an email.

3. Google Mobile App

The Google Mobile App allows you to search either the web or your iPhone itself using your voice instead of your thumbs. Hold the iPhone to your ear as if you were making a call, tell it what to search for, and the app will do the rest automatically. Search results can be either displayed or read aloud.

4. Navigon Mobile Navigator

Navigon Mobile Navigator is a user-friendly and highly-accurate GPS navigator for iPhone. The interface is easy to get used to and simple to understand. The navigation is in 3D, and all roads and exits are clearly marked. Spoken directions are available.

5. Sonoma Wire Works Four Track

Sonoma Wire Works Four Track is a music recorder, mixer, and sequencer for iPhone. The controls are easy to find and grasp, and playback is crisp and free of bugs. Recording quality is supposedly high, but we think you’ll probably be better off recording only demos on this app.

6. Word Lens

Word Lens is an automatic text translator that uses your iPhone’s camera to give you an eye on the world around you in your own language. Point your camera at any foreign text and Word Lens will instantly do its best to make that text as understandable to you as possible using the language of your choice.

7. WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder will show you the locations of all the Wi-Fi hotspots near your location as well as whether they are locked, unlocked, paid, or free. Results can be sorted by location, security status, or by whether or not the hotspot is free.

8. Evernote

Evernote is an organizational app that will help you keep all your appointments, schedules, to-do lists, and voice memos in order. With all your vital information neatly cataloged in one single location, your productivity will shoot through the roof.

9. Siri

Siri is a personal assistance app that can turn your iPhone into your own personal butler. You’ll never have to search for a program or type a command into your iPhone again. With Siri, you can instead simply speak your commands into your iPhone’s microphone and the program will translate your voice into the action you wish accomplished. Although Siri needs a bit of training, it’s completely free to use.

10. Gasbuddy

Gasbuddy will use your iPhone’s GPS feature to locate the gas stations that are closest to you. Results can be sorted by either location or price, and Gasbuddy is happy to map out directions for you once you’ve decided which gas station you would like to use.

11. Trapster

Trapster can help you avoid speeding fines, police trouble, and even accidents by alerting you to the presence of speed cameras, radar, construction zones, and other potential driving related trouble spots. Trapster is a user-curated app, so if you notice a police hiding place, speed trap, or other driving hotspot that isn’t in its database, jot it down for the record and you’ll be giving back to the community.

12. Crackle

Move over Netflix! Crackle is the latest online movie viewer for iPhone. The hundreds of movies in the Crackle database can be viewed for free by any user with a good Internet connection and a bit of patience to sit through the short ads that keep this program running. Ads are normally just a couple of seconds in length.

13. Red Laser

Red Laser allows you to check the price of any product in a store against what that same product is currently going for in online retail outlets. Simply scan the product’s barcode and Red Laser will let you compare the store’s price to the item’s value online to help you decide whether or not you’re getting ripped off.

14. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone will help you locate your precious device if you ever accidentally misplace it. This app can be remotely activated and will turn on your iPhone’s GPS to help you pinpoint its exact location.

15. Taste Bud

Taste Bud is a cooking app that allows you to input all your available ingredients in order to see what kind of delicious concoction you can make with what’s in your pantry.

Final Thoughts

These 15 apps will help make sure you get your money’s worth out of your iPhone. As a side effect, they may also make you quite a bit more dependent on your increasingly smarter smartphone.

Guest Post by: Erica

Erica is a freelance writer who enjoys being active while staying up to date on all the latest gadgets.
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