How to choose Best VPN Provider for Android

No wonder, Android is among the most sought OS to empower the handheld devices of the contemporary times. It has left the rival OS developers way behind in functionality, usability and interactive features, prominently VPN. Hence, it comes as no surprise if you too decide to buy one of them  to allow an uninterruptible access to internet.
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However, shedding away your money for an Android mobile specially to use VPN would require you to have loads of specific considerations, let us discuss the  prominent of those in this note. 
Factors for choosing Best VPN provider for Android 

Purpose of VPN: The type of Android VPN depends much on the purpose you want to sort out with it. For example, whether you want to explore those streaming websites on your handheld device such as Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Hulu, provided that you are out of your original location . Likewise, your liking for other tasks such as sending secure mails, communicating over VoIP, accessing censored online news sites, etc., play the key role towards reaching to a concrete decision for the right selection of VPN vendor.     

Bandwidth Requirement: If it is only to assure security while you are browsing through internet and your Android phone, the bandwidth could be compromised to some extent. However, if you want it to access streaming websites, you should contact VPN vendors that could promise comparably better bandwidth. 

VPN Security: Look out for Android VPN service provider that assures you fully secured and encrypted services, so that you can use internet in total anonymity without any intrusion from a third party. The more encrypted VPN you choose, the better are your chances to remain hidden over the internet.

Log Policies: VPNs often do not believe in keeping the user logs. At the most, they keep the information regarding the session login and logout timestamps, the concerned IP address and the server, with the intention to improve their services. However, since it is related to your personal data, you must be damn sure about the log policies of the VPN service provider you are approaching. 

Protocol Support: The Android mobiles nowadays are well equipped with almost all the known protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and more. It depends on your individual need or mostly on your current location, which one suits you the best. 

Torrent/P2P Traffic: If you want to download or share files with the help of Bittorrent, it is important that your VPN service provider empowers you with P2P traffic. Failing this could tend you to be tracked and as a result, your account may also be suspended. In the worst case, you may be compelled to face even punishments or fines.  

Payment mode: Make sure that the company you are approaching is allowing multiple payment options for you to buy its services. Payment gateways such as Paypal is not allowed in some parts of the world, primarily in some Middle East nations. Hence, if you also belong to one of these countries, VPN vendor with digital currency backed payment options such as Liberty Reserve or Bitcoin would be ideal.  

Best Deals: Almost all the VPN service providers claim to offer the best services at the most affordable costs. Amidst all such competition, it might be difficult for you to single out any specific VPN. In such a situation, the better ploy would be make a list of all such VPN vendors that fit well in your requirements bracket and compare them on the basis of price or discount offers (if any). May the best VPN wins!

Guest Post by: John Wags

John Wags is the VPN expert, working as a IT Manager in a re knowned IT firm . He is also Technology geek & written various news and reviews for on VPN Connection. The core motive of the author is to spread the knowledge of internet across the world, with his major excellence area of is to find best providers for Corporate and Personal VPN
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