3 Android Smartphone Basic Tips

Approximate figure show that more then 500,000 Android installed Smartphone are activated daily, and more then half of the people do not know their device completely. If you think you need an advice on using Android enabled Smartphone, then you are at the exact place.
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Now that you have finally decided to have an Android enabled device and joined the operating system family whether it is by an accident or intentions to use Android. There are plenty of small features that you need to look to get the most out of your device.

Every button has a unique functionality if you held them for a while. If you keep holding the on/off button for few seconds it will bring up the menu to switch to flight mode, silent mode or turn off you device. The function is handy as you don’t have to go to settings all the time to select the options.

Holding the menu button within the application will cause the device to pop up the keyboard. This function is not available in all the devices as most of the apps automatically pop up the keyboard where input is required. This function comes in handy when you need to get rid of the keyboard within the application. The function is available in HTC and Nexus devices. Devices like Samsung will automatically pop up and down the keyboard when required.

Android Operating system comes with very powerful voice search ability to search anything you say using Google. Most of the Smartphone activates this feature by holding onto the search button for few second whereas devices like Samsung requires a little setting. You can make a call, write an SMS and Samsung require home key to be tapped twice to active the function.

Press and hold the home key button for few seconds and task manager will appear for you to know the running applications. In HTC or Nexus device same action omits the list of recently used applications.

Double tapping the text will result in popping up the cut, copy and paste menu. You need to select or highlight the text and then you can double tap to pop up the menu.

On any empty space on the desktop, touch and hold for few second and you will reveal the hidden customization feature of Android operating system. The menu offer different shortcuts, Desktop wallpaper selection and many more to make your desktop look more attractive.

Blacklist/Block Contacts

If you want to block a person from calling you, the easy way to do is to go to the contact list, select the contact, hit the menu button and divert the call to the Voicemail. Some Android enable handset gives you access to this function directly but if your device is incapable then you need to contact your service provider.

Save Power

The best way to do this by keeping the Bluetooth turned off, keep the Wi-Fi searching disabled and also disable the feature of auto brightness. HTC and Samsung come with power saving option which you can customize according to your need.

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