Comparison Between LCD and LED TV

Some people get confused with LCD and LED TVs. They think that there is no difference in the peoperties of these kind of Technologies and this problem also confuse while purchasing a new TV. There are many differences in these two Television technologies and in this post you will find the main differences and comparision of these two. Hope this information can clear the difference and help you to compare.
Brightness and Contrast Ratio
In case of LCD there is quite low Brightness and Contrast Ratio that is why LCD cannot give an appropriate viewing effect like LED. On the other hand LED can generate much Brightness and Contrast Ratio and provide you a greater viewing experience.

Video Performance
In this case LED is best as compared to LCD TVs. LED can provide much better video bitrate and response, as a result you cannot find any kind of problems like laggind and blurring in a video. 
Colors are much accurate in case of LED TVs and you can view a single pixel in the display of LED very accurately. In case of LCD you will find a vibration like pixel in the display.

We can say LED is the newer version of LCD which can provide you a much realistic and brightem image and video performance but these are very expensive as compared to LCD TVs. If you have a good budget then you can go for a LED TVs and also helps you to save energy as well as your electricity bills.

Itender Rawat
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