How to Protect your Facebook Account from Getting Hacked

Facebook is the best Social Networking Website and Ranked 2nd after Google in terms of Traffic. Facebook has tons of users and the Facebook Accounts are highly targeted by the Hackers. But the users who don’t have any knowledge about security are unable to protect there account. 
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Hackers after Hacking the Facebook Account may update any status, change personal information or profile pictures. If you are a Facebook user, then add some security to your Account.
  1. Have a strong Password

The most important thing is to have a strong password for your facebook account. If you don’t have a strong password, then it will easily be cracked. Have a strong password which should be more than 12 characters long, include symbols, combination of small and capital letters etc.

  1. Change your Password

Its recommended to always change your password after few days. This is one of the important step that you should follow to add more security to your facebook account.

  1. Always use https environment

When browsing Facebook, you can use http or https environment. https is more secure and it will get difficult for hackers to break the https environment. You can easily use https environment by logging here This will add more security to your Facebook Account.

  1. Don’t Friend with Everyone 

Its always advised to only friend with those who are known to you. If you are getting some Friend Requests this doesn’t means that you have to accept them. Only accept the requests of the persons who are known to you. 

There may be some other users who are not known to you and if you accept there friend request, they might try to hack you by seeing your personal information. So don’t add the persons who are unknown to you, this will add more security to your facebook account.

    Guest Post by:  Harry Sehgal
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