5 Great Android Apps for Keeping Healthy

When you first get your Android phone, you may be startled by all the apps that are available for it. As time goes on and you start to figure out which apps you want, don’t forget to consider apps that help you maintain your health.

There are plenty of apps that can help you stay in top form, so check out these five winners!

Soleil Organics

One way that you can stay healthier is through monitoring what you purchase at the store. Though we all know that too many chips and too much ice cream is bad, we should also think about buying foods that have been produced with as few pesticides and chemicals as possible. Soleil Organics is an app that allows you to decipher what those food labels really mean. This app allows you to determine when you should buy organic and when the normal products are just fine. Choose this app when you want to know more about the food you are buying.

Absolute Fitness

Absolute Fitness is a great app for the exercise nut or for the person who wishes they were. You can track the exercise that you have been doing as well as your weight. Every day, as you put in the numbers, you can get charts and graphs that help you keep track of your progress. Similarly, you will also have a function that allows you to track your calorie intake. One of the big benefits of the Absolute Fitness app is that it is has information on 180 different types of exercise and the rates at which they burn calories.

My Tracks

My Tracks is an application that combines a fitness manager with a GPS. Using a GPS tracking system, this app allows you to see where you have walked or run, and it tracks how far you have come and the rate at which you have traveled. Though it was intended for walkers and runners, it can also be used by hikers, bikers or any other people engaging in outdoor activities that involve movement.

Calorie Counter

When you are considering how you can move forward with your diet, you’ll discover that it is important to understand how many calories you are consuming during the day. Calorie Counter is a great free app that allows you to track your calories while figuring out the caloric worth of the foods that you are thinking about eating.

Simply Being Guided Meditation

Simply Being Guided Meditation introduces you to simple techniques for effective meditation while guiding you through basic meditation exercises. Meditation is perfect for people who are looking for stress relief from their day and who would love a little nudge to relax.

Use your Android to organize your health regimen by picking the right apps. Whether you want to get more out of your exercise or you want to eat better, there are a number of different options open to you. Consider where you have been wanting to improve your workout and how the right apps can help.

Guest Post by: Drew C.

Drew C. works for a website highlighting many car insurance companies. You can also find instant car insurance quotes at his website. When he isn’t working, he loves to play soccer, read and spend time with his family.
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