3 Best Free Web Word Processors

Word processors are by far one of the most popular computer apps used all over the world. Started in the mid 1970’s, it’s used as a valuable assistant in the creation of documents. With the aid of advancing technology and high demand, this app has undoubtedly matured quite a bit since its infancy. While the features of processors vary depending on the manufactures, all types have the ability to aid in document making.
Today, word processors are used to create, edit, save and print WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) documents. The document you create using a word processor will look the exact same way when it is printed out. Most have features that allow you to insert, delete, cut, copy, paste, save, edit font and size and check for spelling errors.

There are three main types of word processors presently available; commercial, open source and web based. Commercial word processors are software based apps that requires downloading and disk space. Open source processors are freeware apps that are constantly evolving and thirdly web-based processors are cloud based applications that require an internet connection to be accessed. And, out of the three types, web-based word processors are winning the popularity race. 

There are many factors that make web based processors so desirable, some of which are: being available on any computer, most have the ability to share documents, no software downloading and a simple user friendly interface. Below are three such options.

Three Cool and Free Web Based Word Processors:

Google Docs

Google Docs is currently the most used web based processor simply because it’s one of the best. Some features include the storing of pictures, audio clips and word documents. You can collaborate and share documents in real time and choose to download and edit your files offline.

Green DOC

Green DOC is cool because you do not need to register to use it unless you choose
to. Simply start writing, editing, printing and sharing. Great for quick on the go article jobs.

Write Board

With Write Board you can quickly create, edit, share, compare and organize all your documents. The no fuzz interface makes it easy to use. Like the other two options mentioned on our list this one is also 100% free.

Web based processors are cool because they allow you to take your work with you wherever you happen to be, such as a coffee shop, plane train or automobile, another office or a friends home. As long as there’s Internet service, you can access your docs and either write more, print or view for further reference. No need to lug around a special laptop or any computer at all. This is great for on the go mobile web writer warriors.