3 Killer Ways to Promote your Blog Posts

Well,Everyone knows the importance of writing great Content and publishing them for the readers. But that’s not all, your posts need more & more readers to see the great work of yours. Low traffic, less unique visits or no traffic. These are some problems you may face after publishing the post. 

So, Good Content, But Still no Success??? Well, your  blog posts need promotion and it needs to be out there, So that everyone can see the great work.Well, it’s not that you are producing quality content and your post reaches to everyone out there. It needs be famous. But how?? As I said earlier, your post needs promotion. So, we are going to see some Killer tips to promote your blog posts!!!

3 Ways to Promote your blog posts:

Well, Some bloggers get depressed by the fact that there many blogs out there that are better then them or they have heavy traffic on many reasons. Remember, Blogging requires patience , if you are working hard, you will see the fruits bearing in front of you. So, Let us come back to the points and discuss about various techniques to promote your Blog Posts. 

Strong Promotion on Social Media
Nowadays Social Media has been working as the most delicate way to promote your posts. Even my blog receives huge amount of traffic from Social Networking Sites, especially Facebook! Making a Community or Facebook is the Best and the Effective way to Promote your Post Strongly. Well, Posting your blog’s link in all the groups and your Wall, Tagging your friends at your Status Updates, Posting on your blog’s Fan page,etc. are great ways to gather attention. Never neglect other Sites like Twitter,Google+,Digg and StumbleUpon. Remember, the more you share, the more will be the exposure of your posts. Sharing them in such sites helps your post to be indexed fast in Search Engines. Google+ is a great Source to get your posts indexed quickly.
Commenting on CommuntLuv Enabled Sites
CommentLuv is quite common on almost all sites nowadays.Firstly, it helps you to gain a backlink to your most recent post which will help you to backlinks. Secondly, it is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your blog post. Give a Killer post title, if you want to gather attention of all other readers and commentators. Even Make a Good Comments to gather attention. It will help you to gain more unique visits to your blog. Post a genuine Comment and get people’s attention.

Article Submission 
Article Submission is another cool place to promote your posts. Submitting articles to High PR directories is best way to gain one-way backlinks and the right place to drive tons of traffic to your website. It’s another way to build credibility on the web. Even Search Engines will help your posts to be indexed quicker if you cool strategy for Article Submission. So, Submit your blog to High PR directories and improve your Search Engines Rankings and Traffic too. 
So, Implement all these tips in a correct manner and see the results bearing in front of you. 
So, hope you enjoyed my article!
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Guest Post by: Kuldeep Khatri

Kuldeep Khatri is a 13 year old passionate Blogger who would like to keep you updated with latest tips for blogging.He mainly writes at CoolTricks You can follow his page on Facebook

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