Web Design and The Concept of Minimalism

The term ‘Minimalism’ generically takes on a variety of meanings. However, in the web design field, minimalist designs are devised to give websites a brand new and refreshing look. Minimalism in web designing has been appearing for a while now. The idea of following the popular adage ‘less is more’, significantly enhances the designer’s skills to unbelievable extent.
Especially, after cutting out the tumultuous phase of the ‘dark age of web design’ that came along a decade ago with the flashy and fancy animations, Photoshop graphics and all sorts of other clutters, the age of minimalism finally brought clutter-free web designing ideas. 
In web designing, the term ‘minimalism’ simply gets chucked out in a bid to fit other design elements. There is no wonder how a minimalist design gets misinterpreted as something else which supposedly requires very little effort as well as elements to convey the intended message. After all, it is the feeling of simplicity which is the basic purpose of minimalism.
But having said that, minimalist web design is not a cake-walk due to the incorporation of very few elements, rather the task here is even more difficult. Through this blog you can acquire a fair amount of knowledge of strategizing minimalist web designs.
Incorporation of a minimal approach to the web design
To properly fit in minimalism in your web design, strongly focus on the main design element. Presenting a clear message to the viewers is what minimal design all about. Since you can’t include too much in your design except the essential ones, do think twice what to keep and what to omit from your design plan. Therefore, before going on-board, make sure to have a project plan that brings out the major design elements of your web designing plan.
Placing the right elements
Even if it seems easier to create a design with fewer elements, minimalist web design is indeed a challenge to many web designers. Since a handful of elements are available for setting up an entire design, they have to be utilized in the best possible ways. Otherwise, it is going to stand out badly and nothing would be there to cover up. After all, it is not about creating a simple site with few elements just for the heck of it.
Subtle color schemes and a smart layout
When it comes to selecting a color palette for minimal web design, you have to sensibly select shades that are neither over-the-top nor gives out a boring and dull appearance.
A minimal design doesn’t always mean having a simple website structure. It calls for immense intelligence on the designer’s part to create a great visual sense while effortlessly pulling up a natural flow of the design.
Best utilization of the white space
Negative or white space is one of the most powerful tools for web designers who want to have hands-on proficiency on minimal web designing. White space of varying amount works as a subliminal visual guide that gives out valuable feedback on the most important items of the design.
Typography do play an important role in minimalist web design and holds huge potential in creating an exceptional impression on the viewer’s minds. Since there is nothing much to exhibit in a minimalist design, text or content itself becomes an element. Therefore, make sure to choose the right kind of font type and size while putting it in the right space.
Striking a balance between the elements
After having a comprehensive discussion on keeping things simple and plain, images and graphics may look like unwanted in a minimalist web design. On the other side, ample availability of white space and use of simple color schemes within the design gives images a true opportunity to shine on the screen.
Whatever style or trends you follow; it is always the goal of your design that makes the most sense at the end. However, this is the most effective way to come up with your products and services through a clean and unique design with less distraction.

Guest Post by: Anasua

Anasua is a technical writer who is attached with some well known Offshore Outsourcing companies She is sharing information regarding web application design and development.

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