Top 5 Apps To Keep Your Android Mobile Secure

Android is the most commonly used operating system in the mobile phones presently. Android comes with many unique features and applications which makes it one of the most admired operating system. The Android devices are available in almost every range in the market and most of the people can now afford it easily. One can buy an Android mobile phone right from the lowest range with minimal features to the mobile phone with high end technologies.

The major reason of popularity of the Android mobile phones is features of fast browsing on internet. People nowadays want to stay online always and this is the reason that they prefer buying the Android mobile phones. Not all of the Android phone users know that if you are using internet on your mobile phone you need a high end security program too. Your mobile phone is at high risk of malware, virus, hackers and crackers when you are using internet on it.
Do not worry I am here with some best security tips for your Android mobile phones. However there are many security programs and antivirus programs available in the android market but I have sorted them out for you. Below are a few of my favorite security programs for the Android mobile devices. Keep on reading to know more about them :
Mobile Security
This is a separate yet super integrated security component. This is one of the most sly security components available in android market. The best part about this security component is that the hackers can detect it presence in your mobile device. Using avast you can control your stolen mobile phone just through an SMS. This is termed as the anti-theft portion of avast.
McAfee WaveSecure
This security component secure the personal data stored in your mobile phone. You can track or locate your lost mobile phone using the McAfee WaveSecure. This security component prevent any kind of intrude in your android mobile device. You can also lock your mobile phone remotely using this security component. McAfee WaveSecure helps you to wipe out all your personal data stored in mobile device remotely. You can also restore or backup you stored data using any web portal. However this security component is not free. You can get the free trial pack for seven days and then you need to pay US$19.99 to get a yearly subscription.
Norton™ Mobile Security Lite
Norton is a well known name in the field of device security. Norton protects your android mobile device against theft and malware effectively. You can keep all your stuff safely stored in your android mobile phone by using the Norton™ Mobile Security Lite.
Lookout Security Antivirus
Our mobile is our very personal device. We store all our imperative and personal data in our mobile phone and thus it is very important to get some good security system for the mobile phone. Lookout security and antivirus is one of the best security systems available in the android market. It is an award winning security system and is readily available in android market.
This is yet again a good security component readily available in the android market. mSecure keeps your personal information and your password safe and secure in your mobile phone. It has a separate password manager component which secures your password information. Even if your mobile phone is lost or stolen your login passwords, credit card details and all other personal data in your phone are safe and secure. It works well on all the android devices.
These are some of the numerous security components available in the android market. No matter whichever you choose, all that matters is the safety and security of your mobile device. Stay Alert!

Guest Post by: Ilya Elbert

Ilya Elbert blogs for several IT Services Miami and Miami Computer Repair national service organizations.

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