5 Features of Facebook Windows Messenger App

Facebook is the No. 1 social networking site, everyone are familiar with Facebook even you are also a member of Facebook and sometimes you get frustated when using Facebook because for checking any new message, Notification, Friend request, and seeing friend activities you first logged Facebook site which is time consuming and long process.

Therefore, to come out this long process Facebook introduced a new app called “Facebook Messenger” for window 7. It is a Facebook Messenger client which make your Facebook task easier and time saving.

Key Features of this Windows messenger :
  1. The most noticeable feature of this app is that we can use it in two ways: First is treat Facebook Messenger here you only bring it to the foreground when you want to use it.

In second way you switch it in docked mode here you pin the application as a bar of your screen. In this mode your list of online friend and news ticker always visible.
  1. See friend request without going to facebook site.
  1. Message counter for chatting more than one friend.
  1. See Notification on one go.
  1. Search bar for searching your friend easily.
This is a great app launched by Facebook which can save our time, make chatting easier and more convenient and you can keep up with any new activity such as new post and notification without going to Facebook site.

Guest Post by: Pratish Dhasmana

Pratish Dhasmana working as a Compositor at Neuetype – A division of ADI. He is a pure Geek, love to write and play games on Computer

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